Are you tired, dear?

I think you do.

Couple of days ago I saw you alone on the roof at midnight. Couple of weeks ago I saw you alone on the road at midnight. Couple of months ago I saw you alone at the beach at midnight. I’ve never been a devoted fan of Britney Spears, but she was right, “If there is nothing missing in my life then why do these tears come at night?”


Swear to god even meeting you was hard for me, it took me 3 hours to know you. I was literary torned knowing I would be too old the moment you succeed. But I was determined to wait, cus I feel you can do it. You know, I met GD at his glory and agony. He was the golden boy of the soloists, yet the criminal in people’s eyes. I hadn’t realised how bad the situation was, until they voted for him to suicide. I met Han Bin at his praises and shattered dream. He was the X-factor guy who revived my youth, yet he was the biased one in public. The more I tried to vote for team B, the more rigged the competition became, I was desperately hopeless.

Then there was you, K. As if being a GD and Han Bin’s fan was tough enough for me, accompanying them through all the accusations and scandals, I gotta admit, they are luckier than you, cus at least, they have their teammates. I don’t know how things can end up this way, when being a group member poses a threat to one’s career. That’s China, right?

I’m being senseless to your brothers, to be honest, I’ve grown out of it since the day their fans made a fuss about equality. This is not the first time they call you out for scolds, I’m used to it already, but singling and judging your dignity over something you don’t even know, they’ve gone too far.


My chosen ones are tough and fierce, they laugh a lot, and hide their tears. Those people don’t see your sorrow, cus they don’t want to, not because you’re shameless. Be courageous, you have the right to do so.

And you have the right to be tired, as I’m too.


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